Repairing and cleaning asbestos roofs

At JBL Roofing, our assessment and advice helps you decide what to do about repairing and cleaning asbestos roofs. There are a variety of options that apply when considering repairing your asbestos roof, which include:

  • Tapes
  • Patch repair
  • Metal over cladding
  • Fast-applied high-performance coatings
  • Complete removal and re-roofing
  • Other specialist asbestos roof coating

Solving asbestos roofing problems

We are happy to discuss with you your specific needs and future plans always with your budget in mind. We understand your concerns about solving asbestos roofing problems safely, quickly and cost-effectively we can offer:

  • Reassuring independent asbestos roof repair advice.
  • Years of peace of mind from proven products and methods.
  • Save money compared to removing old asbestos roofing and completely replacing your roof.
  • Minimal disruption and income loss – you can usually keep working while we repair your roof.
  • Convenient clean down and top up in 10–20 years.
  • Peace of mind with solid 10-year standard warranties (longer warranties are available with some systems).

Cleaning asbestos roofs

Should your asbestos roof need cleaning then JBL Roofing is able to complete the job safetly and with minimal disruption to the highest standards.

  • Professionally cleaned
  • In line with HSE safety standards
  • Prevent the roof from being damaged and avoid costly removal
  • Once cleaned and coated, the roof will be protected for life

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